Finding Files Quickly with Favorites in Trickster

So I had a bit of a hiccup in my filing system recently. I was with my boss on a video call when we decided to finalize a document. I couldn't find the document quickly. I had to resort to going into email because I remembered the last person I sent the document to. These types of interactions are a bit stressful to me as my desktop was shared, my face was on video, and it was slower than I wanted to be able to lay my virtual hands on the document.

My fix was to load a program that I didn't get moved over when I set up my new work machine about 8 months ago. That app is Trickster. Overall, the app keeps track of what you've been using on your Mac and makes access quick and easy. The main feature set I'm using for my recent issue is Trickster's Favorite feature. Brett Terpstra talked about this app again recently so I don't need to go into great detail. For the most part, my filing system is workable but having a well-crafted app vs. my direct effort to keep track of files makes good sense.

Trickster lives in the menubar so its very easy to access. The favorites section is a sidebar where I can keep links to these types of files that I use routinely on projects but that I may not have opened up very recently. This saves me from the dreaded multiple copies and is this the latest version of the file when on the spot and visible during meetings.

The app is only $9.95 and if it saves you during one meeting this year in addition to being a great utility day-in day-out, it's more than worth the price. Trickster has a free trial so there's no better time than the first of the New Year to try out a productivity app for you new productivity resolutions.

If you are like me, this will become a go-to app!