On Software Commoditization - Lessons from the Chemical Industry?

Commoditization of software and indeed the computer industry has been talked extensively (DuckDuckGo Search) for a while now (2003 Gigaom). There are numerous posts about it and strategies to combat incuding Allen Pike. Most recently, Brent Simmons (Love) weighed in and started another wave of assessment. In chemistry this commodity and speciality element isn't debated. It's fact. The other simple fact that I could substitute software into the article from Dr. Kai Pflug, CEO, Management Consulting is why I've shared.

  • Does a find and replace for chemistry to software make sense to you?
  • Do you think some of the posts you've read have counterparts in the chemistry industry? e.g. Diversification and focus on new products that David Smith coaches us on almost weekly
  • See any approaches not yet adopted in the software industry?