Slight delays on finalizing my filing system

We got the OK at work to go Mavericks. The upgrade was great and I was primed and ready to update my filing system as outlined here. Basically, I autotag files from emails with who sent the file which is a big help for me in finding stuff.

Then came the crushing realization that I am still stuck with comments. The good folks at Noodlesoft haven't yet implemented dynamic tags in Mavericks.

So in the meantime, I'm slowly mirroring the typical open meta tags Hazel rules to include the Mavericks tags I have been applying by hand, like some sort of Neanderthal. I put in a request with Mr Noodle for dynamic tags here and I am am hoping this comes through.

All said, I do like system wide tags and they help a bit in finding files. I can't wait for the dev community to blow this out. Here's to hoping its simple enough I can make use of it. Brett Terpstra outlines what he is doing on his site.