More thoughts on minimalist wallets

I've been using a few of the newer minimalist wallets and finding them to be fairly good. In keeping with the design, I am having to choose what I carry with me. Overall, I really like having a slim wallet to carry. As I stated on this post, handling cash is an issue. I went through a brief stretch of using cash more than usual and found that I was annoyed at a couple of things: working with bills pretty much showed everyone how much money you were carrying (there are some ways to not do this) and that putting bills back "into" the wallet was slow. I often just shoved the bills in my pocket. The slow and unorganized handling isn't enough to make me go big on the wallet again. It does make me use cards in favor of cash. I'd rather that each work well.

This issue with folded bills is that you can' shuffle through them. Particularly, if they are folded twice to fit on or in a card sized wallet. You can fold each bill separately or, you know I'm not that interested in figuring a way to make this work out with a given wallet. There are wallets that are beginning to address this with in between designs. Here are a couple:

The most rad wallet is big enough to have cash only folded once. This was better. It still not good enough to beat out the smaller card wallets to me. It's a well made product but just that much bigger and thicker than I want.

There is one more style, the wrap wallet, that is getting a ton of backers on kickstarter. This is probably too thick when all is said and done. However, it may solve the cash issue enough to tip the scales for folks.

The more I think about it, I think I need a cash sleeve that is separate from my card wallet. Feel free to run with that.