Update on Notetaking on iPad Flow

My workflow on notes with my computer is my go to flow for large meetings.  For the balance of my note taking, it varies between nvALT workflow AND using my iPad.  The nvALT workflow works great for me and the only change is ending mostly in mac Mail.    

The workflow is now using an stylus and Notability.   I've gone with the Adonis Jot Pro vs. the Jot Touch and Wacom Bamboo (see below).  Notability is a great note-taking app. The UI is good; it works with Box.net, and it has a magnification writing area that is a must have in note-taking.  The other App I used a lot was NoteTaker HD.  It writes better but the UI isn't as smooth and Notability.  This has been a stable process for about 3 months.  

The workflow is as simple as can be.  I write my notes marking follow-ups with a star.  I export them to Box.net in a specific folder.  I review the docs on my Mac and capture the follow-ups in OmniFocus.  That's it.

I've passed on using a keyboard.  If I want to type, I use my Mac.  That said, I do use the keyboard a bit outside of work.  

Stylus Comments

The Jot Pro works well.  It has good precision and glides well on the iPad.  Also, its got a nice magnet that keeps it attached to the iPad 2 or 3 well enough to walk around with it.  I really like this feature.  The only draw back is that it makes a bit of noise when writing.  All said, I still prefer to the Bamboo.

Wacom Bamboo gets a little messy with the tip wearing off after a while.  It has a replaceable tip so its workable and I used one for about a year.   

Jot Touch is a bit too much for work and I don't need pressure response.