More on iPad Notetaking

The times I need my iPad for note-taking are when my computer is being used for presenting of slides.  The iPad work flow generalizations I talked about in this post seem to be holding.  I practiced taking notes during a few smaller one to one meetings before having a meeting last week where my work computer was in use as the presentation machine. I tapped out the note in markdown in Textastic. For the most part, the stumbles were on the bullets and formatting like indenting.  Without a keyboard, it is tougher to keep up with key points. 

When the meeting was finished, t was about 5 minutes for some gross edits and then I simply open the text file in the App and uploaded to my nvALT directory, previewed in nvALT, copied, and pasted into a reply to the meeting invite. 

I was able to then type a quick cover on the sent email to a couple of the higher ups to let them know the status and when to expect an update. 

The last piece to the flow wasn't needed as I passed off the follow-ups to a colleague.  The sent email will get captured in OmniFocus with a due date for resend to prompt status updates from the team at the appropriate date.