More on iPad Note Taking Work Flow

I just read a good post from Jeff Hunsberger of Technology Notes Nebulous Notes iPad Workflow. There are a couple of good insights one can glean from this article beyond the direct tips on a good flow. One is clearly that Text Expander can be a valuable tool to reduce the friction of taking notes by setting up your outlines. Jeff points to the macro keys on Nebulous Notes as a great way to leverage this.

For me the next bit comes from trying out both nebulous notes and other note taking Apps combined with all the information I have been reading on the web. That is the portability of a process and indeed the output from that process, the markdown text file, should be as portable as possible. With this in mind, I still prefer a full size keyboard an nvALT for the least amount of friction. I can now get text bits off the iPad into my Mac and get the Markdown output into email looking good and out to people quickly.

It can be generalized as:

  • text editor that has open in feature
  • Box app linked to my work account (Box is the only cloud service I can use for work)

Friction Reducers are:

  • Text expander support
  • special programmable keys or Markdown specific keys

A couple of thoughts regarding the use of the Open Infeature. I've just realized through the difficulty of linking my work account that use single sign on (SSO) within apps is often confusing to me as there are two ways to link things up. SSO and an external password set up on A final consideration is security. Do I really want my work Box account accessed by multiple apps? Not really. Therefore, I've gone to the workflow of Open In. I keep the Text bits in my nvALT folder on and out of my apps on my iPad.

For home, meaning this blog mainly, Dropbox is fine and works great with many apps.

On the reverse trip, from nvALT to the iPad, the Box app has an open in feature to get the text to the app. I don't use this feature much.

The last friction point is typing on the screen which is a not smooth enough for really making this work flow function enough to meet my needs.

So nvALT to outlook remains the preferred route.