Hi, I'm Chris. I'm happy that you landed at my site. I started writing here for a couple of reasons. Primarily, I've gotten a lot out of the iternet over the years in learning, scripts, and tips. I'd like to return the favor.

I do professional iOS and Mac development now. In general I really enjoy monkeying around with computers, helping people with computer and gadgets, software development, and like to connect with others who do as well.

Finally, writing these tips down and sharing it tends to make me think a bit more about the process and what I'm trying to accomplish.

email scrubbs@scrubbs.me   micro blog at morrissey.xyz Mastodon @chris@morrissey.xyz

Disclosure Stuff

I have no affiliate links but I do have an ad for a Mac App that I wrote. All of the programs and tools that I use I have obtained via the App Store or Developer web sites.

Use the information here as you see fit and in accordance with being a good human and respecting local laws, customs, whatever. Make frequent back-ups. Take responsibility for your own actions. Cite information as clearly as possible. My writing is my writing so please don't simply copy it (at least do some copy editing because I am not a writer). Feel free to link to it. I claim any copyrights that I have on my writing as well.

You are really on your own with how things turn out on your machines. My opinions and tips may have flaws or be wrong. I like to think it is in good shape but I certainly don't do any significant testing in multiple scenarios. These tips are working for me and I hope they work for you.